Facts About Jaguar

Cars are loved by all and there are people who love to have the most amazing cars in the world. If we start looking into the car brands now, we will be lost in deciding that which car is the best car.

If you are a kind of person who like small and yet fast cars, then we suggest that you get a jaguar and get its Jaguar services and Mercedes gear repair as well. this brand is very famous and there is a reason that it is named this way and that is because it is fast like a jaguar.

The monogram of the car is also a jaguar and it is sold in hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you are about buy this car, then we must tell you about some facts of it and if you are interested in knowing them, then you need to read below;

  1. We think that jaguar has been making cars since the day they started but the fact is that they have been making motor cycles from the beginning. This company was made in 1922 and they started as the manufacturers of motor cycles. But soon, they gave a random shot at the car manufacturing and it turned out that people actually loved it and then the car game got so big that they had to stop the motor cycles because the people only demanded cars from them.
  2. The name of the company was different. It is not a big difference at all because big giants like Facebook and Google had different names as well, google was named as backrub and Facebook was called a Facemash and jaguar was initially called the Swallow Sidecar Company and it again changed to S.S Cars LTD.
  3. The production of this car was good but development of this company was slow because when they saw that the first car had done such a good job, the company forgot to update the car and when the car competitors arrived in the market, then in 1935, the company made a second model of their cars.
  4. But still the very first car named jaguar came out in 1936 and it was called the first real jaguar and before this name, all car were called SS Cars.