Duties of an SEO Expert

There are jobs that are easy to do but even those people who have a simple job for data entry or just seeing the cameras of the building, even they complain that their jobs are tough. But there are actually some jobs that are super tough and that require working a lot and there are a lot of responsibilities as well. If you are about to become an expert of SEO in Dubai or give Arabic SEO services, and don’t know that what your responsibilities will be, then we are here for you to guide you;

  1. One of many things that you have to do is do a lot of research. Research is the second name of SEO. If you are wondering what you have to research, then we want to tell you this with an example, let us say that you have an online store that sells cell phone accessories, then you need to search and search a lot that in your locality or in your region which one is your competitor and how their site is doing more best than yours and they have that you don’t have and what are their loop holes and how you can go higher than them.
  2. The second thing you need to see and do is set the records. We will take the above example, let us say that you are about to start the SEO of the site and currently it on the 80,000 number worldwide and when you do SEO in 6 months and there might be a chance the number must have decreased. And if it has then it is a good news and you need to keep working more and more.
  3. The third thing that you need to do is make sure that you are meeting the deadlines. For example, you are doing SEO for a makeup brand, what you need to is write 30 to 40 articles in a day and upload them on your site and if you don’t do so then the customers will get angry and leave the work with you.
  4. The fourth thing you need to do is find as many keywords as you can write articles pertaining to it and use them as backlinks. Backlinks are like gold for the websites.