Things you need to know about male infertility

Things you need to know about male infertility

A number of people these days are facing infertility and their numbers are increasing day by day. But if a couple has no children then in most of the cases female infertility is considered and she is considered responsible for not having children. Only a few people know about this fact male infertility can also occur and it is even more complex than female infertility. This is because in some cases, male infertility is incurable. Due to these reasons, sometimes couples have to move towards IVF pregnancy.

But before going towards these procedures it is important to know about male infertility.

What is male infertility?

Male infertility is low production of sperms due to abnormal sperm function. There can be some other factors too which lead to the production of less sperm. These factors are: chronic diseases, injuries, health problems etc.

What are symptoms of male infertility?

The most important symptom of male infertility is inability to conceive the child. But this is common symptom of both male and female. So there are some other symptoms associated with male infertility.

  • Problems in sexual function such as difficulty in ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.
  • Inability to smell.
  • Abnormal breast growth
  • Decreased facial hair or body
  • Decreased male characteristics of body
  • Pain and lump in testicle area
  • Lower sperm count
  • What are causes of male infertility?
  • Medical causes:


Sometimes swelling of veins occur in testicles which also causes problem in erectile dysfunction. But this cause is reversible because varicocele can be treated. But it leads to reduced number of production of sperms.


There are some types of infections which interferes with the production of sperms and as a result male infertility occurs. These infections are: orchitis (infection of testicles) and HIV. Some infections are so fatal that they cause irreversible male infertility.

Hormone imbalance:

Hormone imbalance is quite common in females but now it is becoming also common in males along with an abnormality in production of testosterone, adrenal and thyroid gland hormone.

Lifestyle causes:

Our life style has major impact on our health and so on our body condition. Many diseases can occur in our body just because of unhealthy lifestyle.


Obesity is considered as the mother of all diseases. So it also gives rise to male infertility. Obesity also leads to certain hormonal imbalance disorders.

Tobacco and alcohol use:

Alcohol reduces the testosterone level in male’s body and tobacco reduces the sperm count. So long term use of tobacco and alcohol can lead to irreversible male infertility.