Troubleshooting Common Automatic Pool Cleaner Issues

Troubleshooting Common Automatic Pool Cleaner Issues

Automatic pool cleaners are a boon for pool owners, taking much of the labor out of maintaining a clean and inviting swimming pool. However, like any automated device, they can sometimes encounter issues that affect their performance. Understanding how to troubleshoot common problems can save time and prevent frustration. Below are some typical issues and their solutions.

Cleaner not moving or moving slowly:

If your automatic swimming pool cleaners are not moving or moving very slowly, several factors could be at play:

  • Power supply issues: Ensure that the power supply is connected correctly and turned on. Check for any tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses.
  • Clogged filters: Debris can clog the filter or impeller, hindering movement. Clean the filter and check for any blockages in the impeller.
  • Worn out parts: Inspect the wheels, tracks, and brushes for wear and tear. Replace any worn components to restore proper movement.
  • Low pressure: For pressure-side cleaners, ensure the booster pump is working correctly and that the pressure line is not leaking or blocked.

Cleaner not climbing walls:

When a pool cleaner fails to climb walls, it often results in incomplete cleaning:

  • Insufficient suction: Check the pump and filtration system for any issues. Clean or backwash the filter if necessary.
  • Debris in the brushes: Brushes or tracks covered in algae or debris can reduce traction. Clean them thoroughly.
  • Adjust float: Adjust the float on the cleaner to ensure it has the correct buoyancy to climb walls.
  • Worn brushes: Replace the brushes if they are worn out, as they can lose their ability to grip the pool walls effectively.

Cleaner gets stuck frequently:

A cleaner that frequently gets stuck can be frustrating:

  • Pool shape and features: Irregular shapes, ladders, and other pool features can trap cleaners. Use a cleaner designed for your specific pool type.
  • Swivel cables: Ensure the cable is untangled and swivels freely. This prevents the cleaner from getting stuck in one place.
  • Obstacles: Remove any large debris or obstacles from the pool that could impede the cleaner’s movement.

Cleaner not picking up debris:

  • Full filter bag: Empty the filter bag or cartridge. A full filter can’t hold more debris.
  • Suction issues: For suction-side cleaners, check the suction line for leaks or blockages. Ensure the pump basket and skimmer is clean.