Benefits of EB-5 application approval

Do you want to apply for US permanent immigration? If yes, then you must know that this process is quite complicated and consume several years to take your application on the top for consideration purpose. Apart from waiting for several years you still would not be assured that either your application is going to be approved or not. This is because a minor mistake while applying for immigration could lead to its rejection which is obviously quite undesirable for any applicant after waiting for too long. So another way to make this process comparatively less time consuming with more credibility is to apply as EB-5 applicant. But for this purpose you have to invest around $500,000 minimally in US economy so this option is only valid for international investors who could invest such a huge amount.

Apart from being a smart investor you will still require an EB 5 visa attorney who could help you in simplifying this entire application process and making it less time consuming. In this way you would be able to get a permanent residency in US within 3-4 years which is quite acceptable than that of simple immigration application. To find more info regarding the benefits of EB-5 application approval, read the following article.

Get rights of US residents

We all know that residents of US enjoy a number of beneficial rights granted by the government like their children below the age of 21 are able to get the most reasonable educational fees which in most of the cases is usually free as well. Secondly they can start any business in US without any legal limitations. While on the other side, non resident people have to face all such limitations and they can not avail such facilities. But if your EB-5 visa gets approved then you can get the similar rights like that of normal US residents which is a huge benefit.

Get green cards for your family as well

The next great benefit of your EB-5 visa approval is that you will be able to receive the US green card not only for yourself but in fact for your immediate family members as well which includes your spouse and children under age of 21 having non-marital status. In this way you don’t need to leave your family behind just to get a permanent residency in US in fact you can start a whole new life there along with your complete family. After spending 5 years as permanent residents you can even sponsor your other relatives as well.