Fight your fears with these tips

In recent times studies have shown a drastic increase in depression patients, which is kind of alarming for us. With all this technology around, facility to connect with people living on another side of the world, people still feel depressed and alone. We claim that technology has brought us closer through social media; we can see what our loved ones are doing or where they are, to sum up, every detail of their lives. Then why is it irrespective of these people feel alone or do not have anyone to talk to?

The sadder part of today’s fast-moving, the well-connected world is that we have time to update our Facebook status or Snapchat story but we do not have time to sit and talk about how people around us have been feeling lately, or why they seem so off.

Now, we will see what is depression? Depression is a serious mental illness in which a person is a mood disorder leading to constantly feeling sad, low esteemed. It can affect a person’s way of thinking, his behaviors and can also become a cause of further emotional and physical problems, like heavy breathing, fast heart-beat, body ache, stomach issues, etc.

Even today the majority of the world population does not recognize depression as a disease. But with various awareness campaigns, people are being educated about depression as a mental illness and that any person suffering from it must visit a psychologist.

Just like any other disease depression can also be cured through proper treatment. Psychologists use three different types of therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. If you live in Dubai and need psychological help, then you are in right place. You will find the best psychologist in Dubai, as there are certified doctors with good experience.

What should a person do if he thinks he has depression? First, he should look for symptoms and try to analyze its severity. Next, he should look for professional help and take proper medication. Along with medication counseling is also very important, you can find good clinics for depression counseling Dubai