Who Are VAT consultants and what do they do?

Consultancy is a crucial line of work which is beneficial whether it is a renter of a buyer or a businessman. UAE has entered into the world of Taxes very recently, and an excise tax rate has been introduced. This has raised many challenges for the businesses of the UAE. VAT agents in Dubai provide time-precise and cost-effective support on queries and issues confronted by your company.

However, before we go further. Let discuss what VAT is?


VAT is an indirect tax levied on the consumption of most services and also on the import of goods and services. However, there is an exception to medicines, the export of goods, and international services. It is managed and collected by businesses registered in the UAE.

VAT has some obligation that a business must follow as this concept is very new, many companies have problems dealing with it.

NOTE: Vat consultation is a crucial source of information regarding the business. Vat is new for many companies in Dubai. It will be a wise choice to hire a professional in dealing with your problem who can also deal with your financial matters.

What Services do they provide?

It varies from company to company, you should first do your homework before hiring any firm to deal with your matters: These consultants provide VAT analysis with timely support from their staff whenever there is a problem in numbers.

  • They will clear your queries about the process or VAT itself. They also prepare solutions and preparing recommendations design to provide advice in taxation.
  • They efficiently manage your VAT transactions by complying with VAT laws and advising on transactions.
  • TAX Experts ensure that the businesses comply with the rules and regulations so that there are no overpayments.

Some companies are internationally renowned for their VAT consultation services. They have multilingual staff, credibility, and practicality to not take your work for guaranteed and provide solutions based on real-life business problems.

Residential services

If you are a real estate dealer or traditional house renter in Dubai. Vat agents provide you with complete financial and legal that comes with a house. It contains financial agreement, buys and sale taxes handling, and also provides a tax residency certificate in Dubai.

Get insight before hiring.

In every case, you must be very assured of the company you are going to work with. We are talking about your business, your lifelong work. You can get reviews to form a friend or ask them to enlist their potential clients to know their background and type of VAT services and also assure the quality of their work. Try connecting with their previous customers who can let you in on the firm services in reality.