The Immigration Process Explained in Detail

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The Immigration Process Explained in Detail

If you are planning on moving to a different country, you are probably aware of the immigration process and the types of visas available to you. In fact, many immigrants go to different countries legally and then overstay their visa status by attempting to get a green card or a visa to work in the country under false pretenses.

Step 1: The immigration process begins at the border when people arrive at the port of entry. When travelers arrive at the port of entry, they must go through a customs checkpoint and be checked for applicable documentation. These documents include:

  • proof of identification
  • driver’s license
  • a passport
  • visa certification
  • a photo Identification card

Then, passengers must go through the port of entry and wait for international passengers to clear the checkpoint.

Step 2: Along with applying for a visa, some individuals may also have to go through the immigration process if they are headed towards another country. This type of visa is called an immigrant visa. There are different tasks involved in the visa application process for an immigrant visa. First, the applicant must go through all of the different tasks necessary to apply for the visa.

Step 3: Some of the different tasks involved with the Quebec immigration process include:

  • filling out visa application forms
  • meeting with an immigration attorney
  • submitting proof of vaccinations
  • background checks
  • paying for the fee

The waiting time varies based on each country. For example, it may take six months from the date of departure for an immigrant visa to be approved.

You Should Know:

Many illegal aliens do not realize that there are ways to avoid the immigration process altogether. An individual may become an illegal alien by applying for a parole or residency status. These legal aliens do not have to have obtained a visa in order to apply for parole.

In order to avoid the process of immigration in Australia, many individuals choose to hire an immigration attorney to represent their interests. This way, the individual is assured that they are not committing any crimes by using an alien relative to file for immigration. An individual may also choose to represent themselves in an application for a visa or change of status application. There are many forms that can be filled out and filed by an alien relative on their own, but an attorney may be necessary in order to properly complete such forms.