The Ever-Lasting Tradition of Wedding Bouquets

The Ever-Lasting Tradition of Wedding Bouquets

In a wedding, the wedding bouquet is usually carried by the maid of honor. Bridesmaids usually wear small handbags with a ribbon or choker worn around their necks. After the bride, the mothers of the bride and groom traditionally carry the bouquet if you best flower delivery Abu Dhabi . However, this is not the tradition practiced in all religions or customs.

How Many Types of Roses are There in a Wedding Bouquet?

The wedding bouquet typically contains several types of flowers:

  • Yellow represents the color of wealth and abundance while red symbolizes passion and love.
  • Rose is used to propose marriage while lavender is the wedding bouquet for friendship.

There are different types of flowers used such as:

  • snapdragon
  • white lilies
  • gardenia
  • hydrangea
  • dahlias
  • carnations

Each flower has the symbolic meanings that are related to the season they are in.

What is the Meaning of Different Flowers in a Wedding Bouquet?

Snapdragons are used on weddings held during spring while the carnations symbolize new life in weddings held during summer. Gardenias symbolize happiness and beauty seen during spring time. Many brides prefer to have a combination of flowers rather than one specific type like rose or snapdragons. They also prefer the variety and artistic designs of fresh flowers over dried flowers.

What is a Pearl Wedding Bouquet?

There is also a tradition for the bride to carry a bouquet of flowers to her groom’s wedding ceremony. This is known as the pearl wedding bouquet – it can be bought if you buy flowers online Abu Dhabi. The tradition started in ancient Rome when the bride carried a water jug to her groom’s wedding ceremony. The bride then poured water from the jug over the heads of her groom’s witnesses. This was meant to symbolize how his life will be prosperous after the marriage.

What Should a Wedding Bouquet be Like?

The bouquet for the bride to be should reflect her personality and style. It should make her feel special and not ordinary. Every wedding has their unique bouquet that represents each couple. Flower shows a little bit about the taste of the bride and groom.

For a more elegant tradition, there are single friends of the bride that get to choose the wedding flowers. These single friends are then required to deliver the flowers to the various places for the grand wedding ceremony. No matter what type of tradition is practiced, the bouquet toss is an enjoyable and unique part of every wedding.