The Best Photographers in the World

Photography is an art. There are many out there who think that this career is easy and anyone can become one. And they are the same people who look the market for the best photographers for their wedding or event.

Even though, there can be many cameras and phones that have the best lens but still the professional photographers are still required. A pro photographer does not need a good place to click photos.

And he or she does not need the perfect light or the perfect camera to click the best picture, they just know how to do it like a pro. If you are a kind of person who is some good photography skills and you want to get a career in it, then we suggest that you read the remaining post below.

Because here, you will know about the best photographers in the world and may be you can get some inspiration and become one who can do food photography and become a food stylist in Dubai as well, keep reading to know more;

  1. The first photographer is a female and her name is Cindy Sherman. Basically she is a conceptual artist who is into photography as well and she does modern age photography. She is so good that she has two of her pictures in the list of top 10 most expensive photographs in the world.
  2. The next photographer is a male and his name is Robert Frank and he was a commercial photographer and he worked in 1941 in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. He used to click photos from 35mm Lecia and he got a fashion photography job in 1847.  And in 1950 to 1959, he become a street photographer and he became one the best photographers in the world.
  3. The next photographer is Eliot Porter and he is an American photographer who click the nature photos. He started taking pictures of birds and his photography was so good that different animal experts hired him.
  4. The next photographer is Imogen Cunningham and she is also an American photographer and her photography is based on botany, industrial landscapes and nudes.
  5. The next photographer is Frans Lanting and he is the most famous wild life photographer and he is also from USA and has a whole stock of photos displayed in Santa Cruz.