Outdoor winter activities with kids!

The leaves are falling, the air is cool and I have started gathering leaves to adorn the dining table. Yes, with winter on its heels, autumn is upon us. My daughter loved snow Angels last year as a favorite winter activity. This year, I wonder what’s going to beat her fancy. I just find a book I love dirt! 52 events by Jennifer Ward that will help you and your children explore the marvels of nature, deliver a lot of inspiring outdoor play ideas on snowy cold days. Here are some amazing fun activities for kids to do in winter.

See the roads

Try to follow those songs. You will learn that in winter, many small animals also find food. Why not provide them with delicacies? Jennifer Ward proposes to create a bird feeder for the snowman. Build a snowman and placed pinecones coated with peanut butter in the arms of his stick, dipping them into bird seeds. Decorate your cap with dried fruit and nuts. You will have to watch and admire a flock of birds and a cluster of squirreling, and your snowman will be the most popular on the block. Guide to the pet trail

Picnic in winter

With our family, summer picnics are glad times. We will maintain the tradition during this year. Why aren’t you having a picnic on a lovely winter day? Winter days, with a dark sky that goes on, are bleak and crooked. Wear the kids cozy, pick up the summer picnic blanket, picnic, and go for a winter fun apr├Ęs-midnight. Notice that you bring a hot cocoa thermos. Without it, a winter picnic is not over.

Floats of snow

A wonder is Snowflakes. Take a drink to watch their glory outside for you. Is something bigger than some? Are they different? Are they different? A similar pair would you find? Take your finger, language, or nose for how long it takes to melt. Encourage your emerging scientist to watch and your artist to draw the flakes.

Winter is a fun and beautiful season. At times it’s really cold and difficult to get a wiggly kid into a snowsuit and boots, but it’s worth it, being out and being part of the playground that we got from nature.

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