10 foods every teenager should eat

Instead of searching for the best healthy food delivery in Dubai, scroll down and see what is good for teenagers. 

  1. Egg: Make scrambled eggs and have it with fork and spices as they are rich in Vitamin E, selenium, Vitamin A and Zinc. You can even make poached eggs or have boiled eggs if you want something easy to prepare. 
  2. Banana: Take out two bananas from the bunch and have them in breakfast daily as they can give you lots of potassium, Vitamin B, fibres and carbs. 
  3. Milk: A glass of milk is necessary for teenagers to build and grow bones and height. The whitish drink can give you calcium, vitamin B12, proteins, phosphorus and lots of magnesium.
  4. Salmon: Take out tinned salmon and fry it with veggies and beans to give yourself omega-3 fatty acids for the whole day. You can stuff sandwiches or buns with the fish to have it in lunch or you can mix it in rice to satisfy your hunger.
  5. Dry fruits: Have two handfuls dry fruits every-day in snacks because they are rich in good fats, fibres, zinc and protein. You can have nuts with fruits to make it appealing for your taste-buds or add them in a smoothie so that you won’t feel its bitter taste.
  6. Sweet potatoes: You can treat yourself with boiled and spice-sprinkled sweet potatoes too. They can pat your health as they have vitamin A and C and beta carotene. 
  7. Red meat: Red meat is a must for teenagers. Try to cook its small pieces with curry and rice three to four times a week to enrich their diet with iron. 
  8. Green leafy vegetables: Besides meat and salmon, add green veggie in your diet too because your body needs antioxidants, vitamins and minerals too. You can cook them with meat or add spinach leaves in a smoothie to add veg. 
  9. Whole-grain bread: They are rich in fibres and Vitamin B group. Therefore, spread butter on it add their favourite chicken and nourish your bodies in lunch.
  10. Avocado: Avocado should be considered as the best friend of teenagers. You can add in sandwich wraps or curry to make the meal scrumptious and nutritious as they are rich in good fats and carbs. 

So these are the top ten foods that are good for teenagers. If you have adolescent kids who need to call at diet food delivery in Abu Dhabi every day because of their obesity then you should enrich their diets with above-mentioned foods and involve them in exercise to take them out of this unseen illness.