How much does a German kitchen cost?

Most of the people want a luxury kitchen installed at their place but they don’t know about the prices and things that comes with the kitchen design. German kitchen is the best in the market. Everyone wants German kitchens because they know they have long lasting life up to 15 years. Which is a long time for a kitchen to work properly but germs promise this thing to their customers. They have the most advance and latest technology when it comes to kitchen. Their engineering is best in the business. The versatility they give to customers is outstanding. That’s why they have marked themselves as the best in the world. 

So how much does the best German kitchen cost? The right answer to this question is ‘It totally depends’ The budget you have selected to spend is the answer to this question. Everyone has their affordability according to their income. But in this we will have a proper idea about the prices. 

There are mainly 3 common layouts of German kitchens. The ‘L’ shaped, The ’G’ shape and the ‘L’ shape with an island. The selection of the best kitchen is according to your place size and your budget. So, moving on further about the designs and price. The features are different in each layout and if you upgrade your kitchen to different worktops and appliances it will cost you more. So, it is best to discuss everything with your designer or consultant about everything. 

The first one is L shaped kitchen in this design it includes AEG mastery range appliances, integrated fridge, single pyro lytic oven, induction hob, chimney hood, dish washer, a sink and tap. It costs starts from 11,000 euros and it goes up to 20000 euros if you upgrade it. 

The second one is the G shaped it includes, 18 units on 3 walls, integrated fridge, pyro lytic oven, AEG mastery range appliances, microwave oven, induction hob, integrated hood, dishwasher, sink and tap. It cost starts from 17000 euros and it goes up to 26000 euros. If you upgrade it. 

The last one is the L shaped with an island, this layout is the most famous nowadays. It includes AEG mastery range appliances, integrated fridge, integrated freezer, pyro lytic oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, warming drawer, induction hob. The cost stars from 21000 euros and it goes up to 35000 euros if you look for an upgrade.